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TOSHIBA Brand Campaign


TOSHIBA is a Japanese brand that was introduced to the Egyptian market in 1975 through ELARABY. After 40 years of success, TOSHIBA is now the strongest brand within the industry of consumer electronics and home appliances in Egypt. This is in terms of awareness, brand equity, total market shares, and many more. TOSHIBA now has the highest overall awareness level 97% with also the highest top of mind awareness by far which is 66%. TOSHIBA also is the most loved brand in the industry. Thus, TOSHIBA has the strongest brand equity across the Egyptian industry of consumer electronics and home appliances.


Campaign Objective

  • Revive the image of TOSHIBA brand

  • Maintain the positioning of TOSHIBA as “Peace of Mind” and market leadership


The expecting consumers to say after watching this campaign

“TOSHIBA is the leader and introduce new”


Campaign Deliverables

Unique Creative idea for overall communication strategy of the brand and the brand positioning statement

Integrated campaign that includes the following elements: Outdoor, BTL, and Digital.


Master Visual-Ref.jpg
LED-Hilton Miami 30x12.6m.jpg
Elm3ady La Sellky 20x12.2.jpg
LED-May Bridge (up&down) 14X7m.jpg
El Golf 14X7m.jpg
Flag 2X1m-01.jpg
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