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SHARP Inferter Air Conditioner


SHARP has been the leader brand in the AC market for the past 7 years. In Ramadan 2017, SHARP faced sourcing issues. As a result, SHARP was not able to fulfill the demand in the market within the high season and allowed Union Air to gain more market share, this happened in the last two seasons. In Ramadan 2017, ELARABY brand launched a campaign highlighting the maintenance (after sale service) for the first time. Hence, ELARABY faced a wave of attack specifically on SHARP brand, as it has issues in maintenance that was aggravated because of this campaign. For the first time, we received several comments on digital platform claiming that SHARP has quality issues. Yet the size of the problem could not be quantified until now. Hence, SHARP brand positioning is based on quality; this wave of attack is considered a threat for the brand positioning. Yet the quantification of this issue will be received by next March. During 2016, Union Air launched a campaign focusing on the quality of the products and its aftersales services. There is a need for SHARP to reinforce its quality.


Campaign Objective

Reinforce Sharp position as a market leader and high-quality brand based on the Japanese Technology

And the consumers to say after watching this campaign

  • التكييف يعنى شارب

  • شارب هيفضل دايما رقم واحد

  • شارب دايما خارج اى منافسة

  • Sharp is really a quality brand


Campaign Deliverables

  • TV 30” s Copy, Thematic copy for SHARP Brand

  •  BTL campaign related to the theme 

  • Outdoor 


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Sharp 5 AC 76 X 125-01.jpg
Sharp 2 AC 76 X 125-01.jpg
Sharp 3 AC 76 X 125-01.jpg
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