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SEIKO - Watches

Revitalizing Tradition: SEIKO's Evolution


SEIKO, a longstanding partner of ELARABY, has been distributing watches and clocks since 1985. With over 30 years in the market, SEIKO's watches have gained recognition for their durability. However, they were beginning to be perceived as conventional and lacking innovation. A new perspective was essential. Collaboratively, ELARABY and SEIKO International embarked on a journey to reinvent the watch business.


Crafting a Global Narrative: Unveiling SEIKO's Resonance:

  • This worldwide campaign initiated through a strategic partnership with global icons:

  • Novak Djokovic, the acclaimed Serbian professional tennis player.

  • Darya Klishina, the accomplished Russian long jumper.


  • The campaign aimed to infuse SEIKO with renewed vibrancy, edginess, and uniqueness, addressing clients' aspirations for opulence.

  • Introducing an array of watches spanning sportive, smart classic, and casual styles (Prospex, Premier, and Astron).

  • Elevating sales performance to achieve ambitious targets.


The Unveiling: Uniting Creativity and Reality

The Journey:

  • Immersive outdoor and indoor campaigns, transforming cityscapes and spaces.

  • Dynamically engaging events and activations, grounding the brand in real experiences.

  • At VALyou, we are proud to have partnered in reshaping SEIKO's narrative, breathing innovation into tradition and crafting connections that transcend time.

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